Carl's Classic Cars

Carl Kimberlin has been restoring Antique Autos for many years and he's built a special "Car Barn" on his property where he works on the Autos and stores them.  Over the years he's acquired quite a collection of Classic Cars.  Periodically some of them are exhibited during one of our summer Get-togethers, which Carl and Ann host at their home in Olive Branch.

Thanks to Joyce Sides Baker for most of the photos below.  Click on any photo to see a larger photo.

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Carl with some of his Classic Cars Inside the "Car Barn" Restoring the "Gangster Car"

Classic Cars on Display 1936 Dodge Truck Carl - Ann with 1950 Chevy Truck

1956 Chevy Belair 1957 Chevy Belair 1966 Ford Mustang

1979-1987 Jaguar 1950 Cadillac 1954 Willys

1958 Ford Fairlane 1962 Chevy Impala Convertible 1952 Ford Truck

Sue and Friend with Cadillac 1962 MG Classic Chevy
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