Free 2007 Carl's Classic Cars Calendar:
This beautiful Calendar features the Classic Cars restored by classmate Carl Kimberlin.

To Download this Calendar and "SAVE " the files to your computer:
 Click on the January Thumbnail Photo (below) to open a full page calendar.
2.  When the full page opens, right-click on the calendar and choose "Save Picture As". 

Note:  Do not "Right Click" and choose "Print" at this step or the image will be too large for your paper.

3.  When the next window opens, look at the "Save In" box so you'll know where the calendar is  being saved on your computer.  In the "Save as Type" box, select "JPEG".  Then, click "Save".
4.  Repeat these steps for February...and then for March...etc.
5.  When you have downloaded every month, you're ready to print.  For best results, print the downloaded pages on Photo-type paper at the best quality.






NOTE:  If you have trouble downloading this calendar, send email to and he'll email the files to you.  AOL users  may not be able to save the files as JPEG or BMP.   If not, ask  Gene  to email all the files to you.







If you want to make a very nice "keep-sake" presentation of the calendar, have a spiral binding added to the top, for approximately $2.00 at Kinko's or Office Depot.



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