The Tech Cuties 2005

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This infamous group plans a trip somewhere each year which can best be described as one big slumber party with lots of good times, laughter, and plenty of good food.  They had planned to go to Hot Springs this year, but with the high price of gas they called it off and decided to meet at Faye Crawford's home for Pot Luck Salad Dinner and Bingo.

The Tech Cuties

Nancy - Elaine - Melba

Betty- Joyce-Barbara-Norma-Florine


Bobbie - Sue - Faye - Barbara

Faye - daughter Tassie

Pot Luck


Barbara - Norma - Bobbie

Faye - Barbara - Florine

Florine - Norma





Sue - Shelley - Barbara

Betty - Melba - Elaine - Nancy

Faye - Barbara


Let's play Bingo

#@%!!!  I don't have B-6

Sue - Betty


Wait a minute!!!

Florine - Faye - Melba

Nancy - Elaine - Barbara


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