St. Louis to Memphis 2007
with Natalie, Jim and Gene

During April,  Gene Gill flew to St. Louis to visit Natalie and Jim Keefe and then the 3 of them drove to Memphis to be part of the big April Get-together at Jim and Shirley Anderson's.  Great trip!

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St. Louis Art Museum


Art Museum Foyer


Natalie - Jim



The silver tree is "Art"







Lunch at the Art Museum


Dinner at the Keefe's


Together again



St. Louis Arch


St. Louis Arch


St. Louis Arch



Freezing at the Arch


At the Arch Museum


At the Arch Museum



The Old Cathedral


The Old Courthouse


Courthouse Dome



Freezing outside the Old Courthouse


Lunch at Irish Pub


Train Station



Train Station


Train Station


Shops at the Train Station



Natalie "gets it on"


More Keefe's


Natalie prepares breakfast



The drive to Memphis


Classmates join us at the hotel





Esther - Jim




Jim - Pat



Natalie - Jim - Jim



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