Jim, Natalie, The Twins - 2007

Jim and Natalie Keefe met with the Hollingsworth twins, Jean and Joan (Tech '53) and their husbands at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois July 9th and 10th.  The couples have been meeting for years at various locations to catch up on activities and enjoy an outing together.  Jean and Bob Steiner live in Kenton, Ohio and Joan and George Schreiner live in Davis, Illinois.  Jim and Natalie live in St. Louis.

 Thanks to Jim Keefe for the photos.  Click on any thumbnail photo for an enlargement. 


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A visit with the Lincolns


Lincoln Presidential Museum


Natalie - J. W. Booth


Mrs. Lincoln




...Emancipation Proclamation


George - Natalie


Joan - Jean - Natalie


Ford Theatre


Lincoln's House




One of the Bedrooms


Old State Capitol


Colonial Houses


Lincoln Tomb


Ceremony at the Tomb


Ceremony at the Tomb


New Salem


New Salem


New Salem


Natalie leaves the Old Tavern


New Salem


Bar Tender


New Salem


New Salem




The old wool mill


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