Great Rivers of Europe

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Gene Gill took a 16 day River Cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna in July 2008 to photograph the ancient walled river-towns along the way.  The  photographic material will become the blueprint for use in the construction of new miniature models.  This Great Rivers cruise is highly recommended.

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 MS River Concerto Atrium Amsterdam Canal Cruise


Amsterdam Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum Van Gogh Paintings Rijksmuseum

Royal Palace MS River Concerto Cabin


A good night's rest

Early on the Sun Deck


Arriving Cologne Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

Cathedral Interior

Saturday Wedding Gene

Dessert Buffet Cochem Cochem

Wine Tasting-Cochem Sailing to Koblenz Docking - Koblenz


1st Ice Cream

Castles along the Rhine


1st Beer Docked - Mainz Mainz

Guttenberg Type Demo

Arriving Frankfurt Bus Trip

Arriving Heidelberg Heidelberg Heidelberg Castle

Lunch - Beer Hall Protestant Church Heidelberg


One of 66 Locks...

Low Bridge


Glass Blowing Demo Wertheim Wertheim

 Tower goes up and down... Another Lock More Ice Cream

"I am George from Romania"

Wurzburg Wurzburg Palace

The Red Group Palace Gardens Wurzburg

Wurzburg Colorful Tour Guide Wurzburg



Rothenburg Town Hall


Rothenburg Gate Lunch Beer Hall Gene

Walking the City Wall...

Carriage Ride Hollywood Night

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