Extra Time in Memphis - April 2006

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During the 55th Reunion, Jim and Natalie Keefe, Bob and Nora Boone, and Gene Gill stayed at the same hotel.  The first night they met classmates for dinner at Dino's Grill, a local favorite "hole in the wall" in the old neighborhood.


Thanks to Joyce, Gene and Jim for the photos


Dino's Grill



Dino's Sign The Group Shirley - Joyce - Jim

Nora - Bob Bill Joyce

Bill - Jim - Shirley Joyce - Jim - Winford Esther - Sue

Jim - Shirley Delores - Bill Jim - Natalie




Joyce - Winford Gene - Esther Esther - Sue

Jim - Natalie Bob Winford - Nora

Thanks to Bob Boone
for the next 5 photos.

Group 1 Group 2

Group 3 Group 4 Group 5

At the hotel...



Bob Jim Natalie

Natalie - Jim Nora - Gene - Natalie Esther

Jim Natalie Gene

Pink Palace in the rain...



The Pink Palace Natalie Jim
         Thanks to Bob Boone for the next 3 photos...

Nora Jim Peabody Ducks