Dinner with Jim Autry - 2007

Jim Autry was in Memphis April 2 at Davis-Kidd Bookstore for a brief stop to sign his two new books.  A group of classmates met Jim at Rafferty's Restaurant for dinner and conversation after the book-signing. 

James Autry is an impressive author and has gotten outstanding reviews from some of the nations top executives and critics.  We are indeed proud of his multitude of accomplishments.  His new books are "Book of Hard Choices" and "Looking Around for God". Check the following websites for reviews and excerpts of Jim's new books:  www.lookingaroundforgod.com and www.bookofhardchoices.com

 Thanks to Joyce Sides Baker for the photos.  Click on any thumbnail photo for an enlargement. 


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Jim Signs books




Jim - Jim - Winford


Ann - Connie


Doris - Sue


Bennie - Tom


Bill - Faye


Shirley - Jim


Sue - Jim - Sara


Gerald - Carl


Jim - Sara


Carl - Binnie


Winford - Joyce




Sara - Bill


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