Gene and Duke in Italy 2006

In June 2006, Gene Gill enjoyed a return visit to Italy.  His Nephew, Duke Gill, joined him for the two weeks of sightseeing in Venice, Florence, and Rome.  It was Duke's first trip to Italy. 


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    Venice - 3 nights 


Morning on the Grand Canal




Grand Canal

Grand Canal

Grand Canal



Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Gene at the Museum


Grand Canal

S.M. Salute

Duke on Small Canal


Grand Canal

Morning St. Marco Piazza

Doge's Palace St. Marco Piazza


Feed the Pigeons

Line to enter St. Marco

Basilica St. Marco


Gene, Bronze Horses of St. Marco

Bell Ringers

Gene, top of St. Marco


Gene and Duke

Bridge of Sighs

Rialto Bridge


Rialto Bridge

Shops on Rialto Bridge

School and Church St. Rocco



Street Vendors

Vegetable-Fruit Market


St. Gloria

Titian's Tomb

Walking the Lista de Spagna


Rest for the weary

Venice Train Station

Train to Florence


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