Esther's "Yard of the Month"


Esther Scott stands by one of her favorite statues in her patio, a Roman Goddess.  She also has statues of frogs and gnomes along with rocks and stones collected from trips to the Arkansas mountains.
Photo by Rita Spain

Yard of the Month Is
Packed With Detail

By Rita Spain
     Esther Scott has packed a whole lot of detail into the yard and patio of her Collierville home.  Mrs. Scott used to travel to Mountain Home, Ark., and she always brought back some river rocks and stones, and sometimes statues of small animals to put in her yard. Those elements helped her yard, located at 386 Goldfinch Cove, win The Collierville Herald's Yard of the Month.
"I just love to decorate my beds with stones and rocks and statues along with the evergreen shrubs," she said. 
     Mrs. Scott said she uses stones and rocks because during the winter the beds are so bare and the stones kind of perk things up. She has several pots, planters and statues of frogs; some filled with ivy and others she plants with white begonias in the summer and spring.
     Two antique planters with a decorative, artificial topiary in each one, stand beside her front door and keep a large terra cotta frog planter company.  "These two birch trees I planted in 1993 and I just love the pattern the bark on the tree makes. I hang large ferns from the limbs during the summer," Mrs. Scott said.
     There is a wooden and iron bench with a frog planter next to it on one side of her driveway along with some nandina shrubs and an American flag. 
     On the side of the house, leading to the back patio, is a New Orleans-style iron gate that matches the iron on the front door.  She has installed fieldstone steps and used brick and a mixture of other stones for the side yard, which leads to the back patio. A collection of bird houses, wind chimes, and an unusual garden gnome hanging on the fence give the patio an interesting look. 
     Iron patio chairs and tables are placed around the patio against evergreen fir trees and other evergreen vines that tend to make the patio look larger than it is. It is almost a New Orleans-style patio that is shady and cool. At the end of the patio amidst tall evergreen shrubs is a beautiful statue on a pedestal of a Grecian woman. 
    One of Mrs. Scott's favorite plants is the climbing Hydrangea, which she has planted on the fence next to the iron gate leading to the patio. 
     "That is the most beautiful flowering vine I've ever seen," she said. "It is covered with white flowers in the summer and the green leaves look nice all year."
     Even in the winter with all the leaves gone, the vines are gnarled and unusual looking which gives visual interest to the fence. 
     Mrs. Scott's pride and joy,  though, is the Zoyia sod she has planted in the front yard. It is like a velvet carpet of green every year.  "I'm so happy with - how it turned out," she said.