Glenn and Ann Dendy Biggs were in town November 9 and a lunch-brunch was held for them at Perkins Restaurant, Germantown.  19 Classmates attended.  Ann had planned to attend the 55th Reunion, but due to family obligations, had to cancel at the last minute.   

 Thanks to Joyce Sides Baker for the photos.  Click on any thumbnail photo for an enlargement. 


Ann - Binnie


Faye - Ann - Norma


Ann - Joyce


Esther - Ann - Jo -
Mary Ann


Ann - Carl


Ann - Sue - Bill - Glenn


Jim - Glenn


Doris - Sara - Ann - Jim


Sara - Sue


Ann - Margaret.


Sammie - Sy - Ann


Part of the Group


Bill - Jim - Glenn


Glenn - Ann - Sy


Sara - Jim - Sue


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While in Memphis the Biggs were guests of the Andersons.  On November 8th, the Bakers came over and they all went to dinner for Ribs and BBQ at The Commissary.


Andersons - Biggs - Baker


Ann - Shirley - Joyce


Baker - Andersons - Biggs


Winford - Jim - Glenn

Joyce - Jim - Ann

The Commissary

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